The Mikado

Comic opera in two acts by Gilbert & Sullivan

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Kalmus parts, Dover score

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public domain

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full score, orchestra parts, Bb clarinet parts

As arguably the most popular Savoy opera, The Mikado is frequently performed by companies and conductors who otherwise have little specific expertise in Sullivan's music, or with full pit orchestras. If that sentence describes you, perhaps you'll find this page to be helpful.

This Note8 edition is designed to be compatible with the Kalmus parts, the Kalmus score, and the Dover score. Score and parts contain both Kalmus rehearsal letters and Dover rehearsal numbers. They also contain variants and explanatory text detailing the significant differences between these three sources.

Nº 9, the kissing duet, appears in both the original two-verse and traditional one-verse forms.

Nº 23A “Flourish”, the fanfare preceding the final dialogue scene and the Act II finale, appears only in Sullivan's original version. The inauthentic “Fanfare”, apparently composed by the Dover editors, is not included.

For a detailed comparison of the Kalmus, Dover, and Note8 editions, click here.

Full (conductor's) score


Typeset full (conductor's) score, including dialogue, 390 pages.
Comparison with Kalmus and Dover editions


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Orchestra Parts


Typeset orchestra parts.
Comparison with Kalmus and Dover editions

Flute 1

45 pp

Flute 2, doubling Piccolo

37 pp


41 pp

Clarinets (2, parts call for both A and Bb instruments)

69 pp


44 pp

Horns (2)

55 pp

Cornets (2)

31 pp

Trombones (2)

32 pp

Percussion (click here for more information)

22 pp

Violin 1

66 pp

Violin 2

65 pp


63 pp


63 pp


59 pp


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Bb clarinet parts


Typeset part for Clarinets 1 and 2, transposed to call for Bb instruments only, 69 pages.


These Bb clarinet parts are compatible with the manuscript Kalmus edition of the parts, and with the Dover edition, as well as with the Note8 edition described above.

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