Online delivery

Delivery technical details

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files are delivered as email attachments.  To read these files, you'll need to install Acrobat Reader software, available for free download at

Some of the files are larger than 1 MB, which may cause file transfer time and storage space issues on your email server or on your own computer.  Some email services limit the size of email messages that they will deliver, although this situation has become rare in recent years. Please advise if any such limitations apply to you.

Printing technical details

Preserve your investment in these beautifully typeset materials by using due care in printing them.  Doing so will enhance their legibility and usefulness.  After all, they will be used by musicians amidst the challenges and distractions of rehearsals and performances — a more demanding application than ordinary computer or business printing.

Donated printing

Many companies and schools have in-house printing and copying capabilities which are similar to those at commercial shops, at greatly reduced cost, sometimes zero. Perhaps you, or someone in your production, has access to these services by virtue of being an employee or student. Or perhaps a local institution would be willing to donate their printing services to your worthy production.

If you do benefit from such an arrangement, be sure to thank your donor, both in person and in your program. But in your written thanks in the program, you may wish to be vague about the nature of the donation, to prevent every print-needy project in town from asking for equal treatment!

Alternatives to printing

Here are some ways to use your materials online:

To return, use the BACK function of your Web browser.

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