Note8 Performance testing guidelines

My materials are performance-tested before I list them on my website.  Often I participate in the premiere performance myself, as conductor or player.  When others test the materials for me, here are my expectations:


The basic deal is quite simple:  you test my materials.  In exchange, I provide those materials free of charge.

Full performance

Perform the complete work (not selections), with the full complement of instruments specified by the composer or arranger.

PDFs are free, printing is not

I supply PDF files of full (conductor's) score and parts, free of charge, for you to print and bind locally, at your expense.  If you have access to free or subsidized printing, great!

For any pages of my materials which you discover to be so flawed as to be unusable in performance, I promptly supply replacement PDF pages.

Send me your printed materials

After your performances, please do not erase your materials (as you would with a rental).  Send all printed materials to me, at your expense, whether your musicians marked them up or not.  If any of your musicians marked up PDF files, please email those files to me as well.

The cost of overseas shipping may be a dis-incentive for producing companies outside North America to participate in Note8 performance testing.

Once I have reviewed your markings and incorporated them into my published materials, I will return the printed materials to you, at my expense, for your library.

I expect real feedback

Your orchestra's eyes may be the only ones, besides mine, which see these materials before I sell them to paying customers.  My reputation depends on thorough testing and complete, honest feedback from you.  "Everything looks good to me" is not adequate.  Please email me in detail about your experiences with my materials, and please encourage your musicians to do the same.  If you cannot spare the time and effort to do so during your intensive orchestra rehearsal period, you may not be a good candidate for performance testing!

The testing is about much more than finding wrong notes, which are pretty rare these days due to great software.  Page-turns, placement of markings, rehearsal letters, cues, page layout, anything which affects pit musicians' ability to play from the materials under performance conditions is worthy of comment.

If feasible, I would be delighted to attend an orchestra rehearsal and to meet with your orchestra members face-to-face.

In conclusion

"I have a great gift to bestow":  modern, expertly-edited, computer-typeset orchestra materials, and prompt corrections to them, free of charge.  If your production can provide me with the information I need to improve those materials further, then together we can make a new top-quality performing edition available to other producing companies around the world.